Women, Men and Tap Fittings

Recently I went into the mountains with a group of girl-friends to get away from it all; all being kids, work and men. We spent two wonderful days in a pristine alpine environment, where we skied, drank wine, and talked about kids, work and men.

It was clear that men and women are very different; and sometimes these differences bring us into conflict. For example she wants her problems to be heard, he wants to offer solutions; he married her hoping she would never change, while she views him as a work in progress; and she wants 45 minutes of foreplay, but he wants this to include the drive home.

I came away from the Alps thinking wouldn’t it be wonderful if the differences between men and woman came together as harmoniously as the male and female tap fittings that you find in hardware stores? Obviously the bits between our legs do; but I was thinking more about the bits between our ears. Our minds don’t always seem to fit together with a satisfying “click”. Whether these differences have been learned, created or evolved they do exist. We are literally going to have to live with them, or live alone.

I’m going to carry on trying to live with them – if I can find a compatible coupling. There is one accommodation that I will instigate when dating; I’m going to pick restaurants close to home – thereby keeping drive time to the absolute minimum….