Who Is Cecily

In case you have not been introduced to Cecily she is a cartoon character. Not just a stick thin pencil line drawing though, she is a well-rounded character, sometimes more well-rounded than she would like! Cecily is someone that women will recognise, for Cecily’s foibles are their own. Cecily diets, skips gym classes, sometimes drinks too much and worries about how she looks. She has bad hair days, occasionally consults her horoscope and struggles with technology. She is a modern woman who lives life to the full as she pursues career, friendship and love.

Cecily’s humour can be found on tasteful, useful and quality merchandise such as cards, tea towels, calendars, reading glasses, books etc. These are on www.cecily.co.nz and are available for you to purchase. Cecily merchandise can also be found in many quality gift and bookstores.


Cecily is a small New Zealand company that was founded by Celia Allison. The company’s mission is to “produce quality products that are humorous and useful, and have been produced in a way that demonstrates respect for environmental, ethical and social issues”. We use only paper and card from managed forests, and bleaching uses an elemental chlorine free process; then printing is with vegetable and soy based inks. Cecily products are almost exclusively made locally in Christchurch, New Zealand. Where this is not possible we use other New Zealand manufacturers. In very exceptional situations some products can not be made in New Zealand. When this occurs we have representatives visit our overseas manufacturers to guarantee that human rights are respected.

Above all Cecily is about having a laugh. While we would like you to purchase Cecily product from our web site and from our stockists, we want you to enjoy Cecily. Somethings you can do are: view the gallery here, and follow Cecily on Facebook and Twitter (links at the top of the page), Also use the ‘Contact us’ tab to send an email requesting to join our mailing list to receive offers and a regular essay on what is on Cecily’s mind.

Have fun with Cecily!

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